Used Construction Equipment – Expectation vs. Reality

Used Construction Equipment – Expectation vs. Reality

Purchasing used construction equipment can be a pricey adventure.

Any construction equipment that has been used for even one project is subjected to hours of wear and tear. Though used equipment might seem to be a prosperous deal it can actually inflate costs after factoring in repairs and maintenance.

However, used equipment can be a great deal and help to cut down on initial costs. With your clients squeezing you on the budget, used construction equipment could be your exactly what your business needs!

Here are some factors to consider before making a decision to buy used construction equipment:

1. Inspect the Quality of the Machine

Paying thousands of dollars, you do not want to end up with a broken piece of machinery. Make sure you conduct a thorough inspection of the used construction equipment you are planning to buy.

Ask the seller for a video walkover of the machine. Also, do not forget to get information on the past work history of the machine. Keep in mind that the reseller may not have this information to share.

2. Scope for newer technology additions

New technologies like grade control systems, telematics, and advanced machine guidance assist operators of the machine in construction work. They help by giving valuable details and support to simplify operations.

Most of these technologies can be installed on old equipment. You should consult experts whether the machine you are going to purchase can handle these additions.

3. Does the machine have everything you need?

Construction equipment can be customized according to your needs. You can make changes to the wheel, bucket, and navigation configurations.

You should find out that if the old machine you are considering buying can be put to use in your service requirements without requiring major modifications.

4. Check whether old machine is offering a better deal

The old machine you are going to purchase might need some repairs or maintenance before it can be put into service.

Estimate the total costs and compare it with that of buying a new machine. If the savings are less, you would definitely be better off buying a new machine.

On the other hand if the savings are considerable, you should purchase the old one.

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