Excavator Attachments

When shopping for excavator attachments, it could be difficult finding a company that has the right attachment for not only your project, but one that fits your equipment correctly. At Phoenix Equipment Sales we have a large variety of excavator attachments to fit any make and model you may have. Whether you need a new or used attachment for your excavator we have a wide variety in our yard. From thumbs, grapples, splitters and hydraulic hammers, we’ll find the right attachment for you so you can finish your project on time and within budget.

Types of excavator attachments we have:

  • Thumbs
  • Grapples
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Wood splitters
  • Couplers
  • Rippers
  • Rakes
  • Compactors

Below are some of our current stock of excavator attachments. Check back often for updates.
Can’t find the excavator attachments you need? Give us a call toll-free at 1-866-282-5381 or contact us

Power Broom & Street Sweeper Brushes
Excavator Boom & Stick
C&P Ripper
Asphalt Wheel Cutters
Samsung 130 Boom
Excavation Ripper
Extreme Duty Excavation Ripper
Bodine 210 Wood Pulverizer
Bodine 215 Concrete Cracker
Concrete Pulverizer
Bodine Concrete Pulverizer
Bodine Concrete Pulverizer
Hydraulic Concrete Crusher
84″ Rake
48″ Excavator Rake
Excavator Rake
Hydraulic Hammer
Concrete Pulverizer
Concrete Pulverizer
Bodine Wood Splitter
Steel Excavator Shear
Bodine Multi-Shear
48″ Excavator Rake
Excavator Rake 200/220
Excavator Rake
Okada Hydraulic Compactor
Excavator Thumb 8″ x 50″
JRB Hydraulic Couplers
Wrist-A-Twist Coupler
Esco Hydraulic Coupler
JRB Hydraulic Couplers
Bodine G215 Grapple
Quick Couplers
Bodine 225 Grapple
Wisconsin gas 22″ drums good condition
Bodine G215 Grapple
Geith Box Grapple
Bodine G215 Grapple
Bodine Grapple
Excavator Thumb 18″ x 50″
Excavator Thumb 16″ x 56″
Bodine Excavator Thumb
Phoenix Brand Excavator Thumbs 40-55,000 class machine
Excavator Thumbs
Mechanical Pin-On Excavator Thumb
Excavator Thumb 18″ x 50″
C&P Excavator Thumb18″ x 42″
Mechanical Thumbs 12″ x 40″
Hydraulic Excavator Thumb 10″ x 35″
Geith® Easi-Klamp
Phoenix Equipment Sales is an authorized dealer of Rhino Equipment.
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