Types of Excavator Buckets

Types of Excavator Buckets

Excavator buckets have an important significance in the construction industry. They can be attached to a machine and be used to perform a number of functions. Their build and design help in carrying out activities like digging, lifting, mining, road construction, etc.

To cut down on costs, it is also possible to buy used excavator buckets. It is important to choose the right type used excavator buckets to make construction activity a smooth and fast process. You should also assess the quality and life span of the equipment before making a purchase.

Here are the different types of buckets that are widely used –

General Purpose Buckets

These are the standard buckets that come with every excavator. They are used for all purposes and can dig through soil, rocks, mild and muddy surfaces. The use of General Purpose is widely seen in the construction industry, mostly for excavation of soil.

Rock Bucket

These have a solid build structure and fortified design. The V shape elongated and sharp teeth help to penetrate hard rocks. Rock buckets are able to push with more power and ideal for construction activities that involve digging hard rocks.

Hard Pan Bucket

Just like rock buckets, these have a build that make it suitable for high enduring performance. In addition to that, hard pan buckets have a ripper teeth secured at the back of the bucket. This helps to loose compact earth while digging the earth.

Grading Bucket

These high capacity buckets do not have any teeth but have a higher capacity. They are ideally used for picking soft materials. Grading buckets are also known as clean up buckets. They are mostly used for leveling, ditching, back-filling and sloping activities.


These are one of the most sophisticated types of used excavator buckets. They have sharp teeth that rips through almost anything. They are ideal for digging surfaces that have a hard structure like concrete, Rippers are also used for carrying large boulders.

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