Gradalls vs Excavators

Gradalls vs Excavators

There’s always been debates about whether it’s better to use a Gradall over an excavator. Below are some of the benefits for both.


  • The machines can move quickly between locations
  • You can drive them on roads without needing them to be shipped
  • Narrower width, so they can fit into tight places. You can also work under power lines and around poles easily
  • Rubber tires prevent damage to paved or landscaped surfaces
  • Lifts like a crawler and outriggers can be used for leveling
  • Operator is higher for better viewing while loading and unloading
  • The rotating and telescoping boom is beneficial for ditching
  • Great option for state and county municipalities for regular road maintenance and ditching projects


  • More versatile
  • Can operate on uneven ground and terrain. The rubber tires on a gradall make it shaky and rock
  • Used more frequently meaning more are available to use
  • Less maintenance because excavators only have single engine while a gradall has two
  • No need for tires to maintain, repair or replace
  • 360° boom range
  • Operator is more comfortable in an excavator. The location of the gradall engine makes it very hot, especially during the summer
  • Simplistic boom design means less of a learning curve while operating

There are many benefits to using a gradall over an excavator and vice-versa. The benefits will vary based on the scope and costs of the specific job or project.

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