Construction Equipment Trends To Watch

Construction Equipment Trends To Watch

Construction is always one of those industries looking for ways to be more innovative and efficient. Companies are consistently attempting to outbid each other, and the best way to do that is to provide inexpensive, efficient construction for every single project.

What are some of the trends catching on in the industry? Here is a look at three trends construction companies seem focused on in 2019.

Radial Tires

In Europe, radial tires have been very popular in construction for a while now. It took a little bit longer in the United States for the tires to catch on, but now more construction companies than ever are using these them.

Why the change? The larger the equipment is, the more it makes sense. Radial tires are a little bit more expensive compared to bias-ply tires, but companies feel they are worth it in the end. They use less fuel, have better traction and rotation, and stay cool after heavy use.

Renting and Buying Used

The less construction equipment is used, the more companies should consider renting over purchasing. It just doesn’t make sense to spend so much money on a piece of equipment that will mostly sit idle most of the year. When it comes time to use it again, it might need maintenance just to get back in gear.

Rentals are easier than ever to get for special projects. They are affordable enough for companies to use them smartly. The best part is, some serious space can be saved when renting.

Insist on buying? The used market is a very easy way to save money. From used backhoe buckets to forklifts, everything used can save a company hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


A drone has a way to not only get pictures of construction at unique angles, but do so in an efficient manner. They can map out entire areas in a matter of minutes.

Most construction companies have a drone in 2019 to take on-site. Advanced drones are gaining new capabilities all the time as well. Now, the more expensive options can stream video and analyze data in real-time.

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