Choosing Excavator Buckets – 3 Key Considerations

Choosing Excavator Buckets – 3 Key Considerations

Excavator buckets are an essential tool on the job, applying the power of your heavy machinery to undertake a wide range of construction jobs. It is an every day’ piece of equipment designed and suited for bulk material handling. When used with an excavator machine, buckets are able to dig a wide range of materials and may be used not only for construction jobs like digging trenches but also large scale excavation and the grading of stone.

Though easily overlooked, your choice and application of excavator buckets has a major impact on the efficiency and performance of your excavator. Making a sub-optimal choice wastes time, does a poor job, increases maintenance needs and can cause damage to your excavator set-up.

Here are 3 key considerations you need to make when choosing excavator buckets:

Consider the size of the excavator bucket you will use.

The dimensions of your excavator bucket affect the performance of your excavator. If a bucket is too big for the material to be handled or width is such that excess material is moved, completing a job effectively can become a major headache especially when working with heavy duty material.

Take into account the material you will be digging.

You have the choice of using a heavy duty bucket or a severe duty bucket for your excavation task. Evaluate the material you are digging. Is it soil, clay, sand or silt or perhaps rock or fragments of concrete or hardcore? Abrasive materials like rock need a severe-duty bucket or risk damage to the excavator bucket interior.

Will accessories help you do the job better?

Remember to research the wide range of great accessories which will take some of the strain and increase the mileage of your excavator set-up. Think about accessories that will reduce wear and tear on the on the bucket. Protect your investment with side cutters to ease the workload and side and bottom plates to keep your investment at its best.

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