Advantages to Buying Used Equipment

Advantages to Buying Used Equipment

Construction equipment can get expensive in a hurry. Even companies with a lot of working capital can find it difficult to make large purchases to tackle jobs. One way to save a little bit of money is to shop around for used equipment.

Brand new construction equipment might look nice for a few minutes, but they are designed to go through a lot of wear and tear every single day. Here are a few main reasons why a company should purchase anything from cranes to backhoe buckets on the secondhand market.


On average, a person can expect to save roughly 30% off of retail value by purchasing used construction equipment. The condition the used equipment is in will dictate the exact price, but The value starts to depreciate as soon as it is used for the first time.

Buying used not only helps in the beginning, but it can help with the resell value as well. It’s a lot easier to not lose that much money selling a used item that you bought used in the first place. Take good care of the equipment and it will hold its value relatively well.

More options

The top-of-the-line construction equipment might not fall into your price range currently, but better options can be purchased used. Companies that need the latest and greatest are always going to be looking to upgrade, which means they might be letting something go for a steal that many other companies would love to have.

To get the best deals, it takes patience throughout the entire process. Negotiate deals whenever possible if something is too good to pass up.

Extended warranty opportunities

Since so many people are purchasing used these days, extended warranty opportunities are on the rise. The lack of a quality warranty used to keep many people away from used equipment. Now that an extended warranty can be implemented, it is a lot more comfortable to make a purchase.

Final thoughts

If a great piece of equipment is found used, it’s worth looking into. Construction equipment is always getting placed on sale, and it’s easier than ever to find deals online. Just remember that great deals are going to come with competition. If something has great value, pounce on it as soon as possible.

If a very specific piece of equipment is needed, the options to buy used are limited. For more basic pieces of equipment, it’s always worth doing a check beforehand to see if there are any great deals.

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